The Best Type of Trees For Your Yard

oakIf you were able to compare an image of the same home, one with full Tampa commercial landscaping and one with a bare yard, the difference would be tremendous. Professionally planned landscaping utterly transforms a home’s appearance and adds a unique and important element of appeal. Whether you’ve been in your home for 10 days or 10 years, it’s the right time to choose the trees that can bring extra curb appeal to your home.

If You Have a Whole Lot of Sun…
Choose the Crape Myrtle if your home gets a great deal of sun, because these beautiful flowering trees thrive in hot, sunny climates. The Crape Myrtle is such a great choice because it blooms in summer when the other trees on your street will have already passed their prime. While your neighbors’ homes will be looking plain, your yard will be sprinkled with the color of the Crapes. These trees can grow up to 25 feet, so they are pretty without becoming enormous says Taylor Hardin, owner of Oasis Palms and Landscaping in Tampa.

If You Have a Great Deal of Room to Fill…
If your yard is large and empty, and you would enjoy just one or two large trees to accentuate your home, choose the sugar maple. These trees are very flexible and can grow in most soil and temperature conditions. Plus, their leaves in the fall are absolutely stunning! Expect sugar maples to grow to about 75 feet.

If You Want Low Maintenance and Simple…
Then the Colorado Blue Spruce is the best choice for you! These evergreens can survive just about anywhere, and their off-green color perfectly complements other trees and plants. Blue spruce trees look great living a driveway, dotting a property line, or sitting on either side of your home. However you choose to use them, these trees are the perfect simple landscaping choice

Try This Wood Fence that Isn’t Actually Wood

Picking a material for your residential or business fence in Sarasota, Florida, can be a tough choice. While every material has its own benefits, you are tasked with the job of finding the right options for your budget, design vision, and ability to attend to maintenance tasks. Some people would rather have an expensive wood in order to fulfill a specific design wish, while others prefer a cheaper selection that lends itself to a variety of settings.

The onset of aluminum wood now offers fence owners the luxury of embracing the tough and durable qualities of aluminum while enjoying the appearance of natural wood. It is a true win-win situation.

Wooden_or_aluminum_fencesAn Introduction to Aluminum Wood
Aluminum wood is an aluminum alloy product designed to look exactly like natural wood. This means that it has knots and marks just like real wood while still maintaining the strong integrity that so many people trust aluminum to provide. With at least 20 varieties like Mahogany and Walnut available, you can utilize aluminum wood to withstand sun, wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations without any problems.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Wood
There are so many benefits to using Tampa aluminum fence wood that you may never return to using standard wood again.

First and foremost, aluminum wood provides fences with the beauty of wood without any of the upkeep needs. Aluminum is very low maintenance and just needs a gentle washing from time to time, so you do not need to take preventative measures against warping, drying, fading, splintering, or cracking. Aluminum is not at all threatened by the outdoor elements, which makes it a perfect fencing choice.

Better yet, since aluminum can be constructed so simply with nothing more than a cutting blade, there is no time consuming and expensive welding needed to ensure the fence remains sturdy and reliable.

A wood or chain link fence Tampa that is actually made out of aluminum combines the best of both worlds for a fence that is sure to boost curb appeal and improve your satisfaction.

Use Aluminum-Wood to Transform Your Home

Aluminum-And-Wood-Fusion-Furniture-5Picking a construction material for your outdoor project can be a tough decision, especially when it comes to blending the style you want with the reliability and durability you need. People around the country love using wood for its rustic and versatile design capabilities, but protecting wood from rotting and looking worn down from the rain, wind, and sun can be quite a challenge. That is why some of the brightest minds in construction now offer aluminum Tampa sunrooms that look just like wood. This incredible material is the perfect blend of attractive and purposeful, and it can definitely find a place in your own backyard.

An Introduction to Aluminum Wood
Aluminum wood, available in many different brands, is designed to create any outdoor structure using the strength of an alloy while providing the aesthetic appeal of wood. It has knots and wood grain patterns that look like like real wood, and it is available in at least 20 different varieties ranging from Black Walnut to Atlantic Cedar to Rose Mahogany.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Wood
There are so many benefits to using aluminum wood that you may never return to using standard wood again. First and foremost, you can enjoy the look of wood without dealing with the upkeep. By choosing aluminum wood, your outdoor screen room Tampa structure will maintain incredible strength with very little maintenance. This means that sun, rain, and wind pose no threat whatsoever. No more warping, drying, splintering, fading, or cracking.

Better yet, since aluminum can be constructed so simply with nothing more than a cutting blade, there is no time consuming and expensive welding needed to ensure gates, balustrades, fences, and other outdoor structures remain sturdy and reliable.

There are virtually no limits to your use of aluminum wood. Everything from furniture and fencing to gates, doors, enclosures, decks, and more can all be built with aluminum wood.

Three Times You Definitely Need a Handy Man

Any homeowner knows that every joy of homeownership is matched with some sort of headache. From the washing machine that nearly brings the house down during its spin cycle to the trees threatening to fall into the roof and the mold growing in the basement, there’s always something on that to-do list hanging on the fridge.

Rather than stressing about fixing everything yourself, you should find a trusted St. petersburg handy man in your area to take care of your home’s problems for you. A handy man is by nature experienced in a number of areas, so you can rely on him for just about everything. If you’re not sure whether to make the call, these three situations should give you the push you need.

You Don’t Have the Time

Perhaps you do know how to pressure wash your deck and siding, but between your 50 hour per week job, your three children, and your in-laws coming to visit, do you really have the time to take care of it? A handy man is a professional pressure washer operator who can use the different nozzle sizes and velocity settings to ensure that your concrete, brick, stone, or metal surface is transformed from filthy to clean and shiny.

You Don’t Have the Materials

Materials are the most expensive part of any project. You may need to cut down a tree, fix a shower fan, or install a deck, but the materials alone will drain your wallet dry. It’s a much more logical idea to hire a handy man who already has all of the tools, can get building materials at a better price, and will simply charge for his services. For less than the price of the tools and materials, you will get the materials and the completion of the project. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Mold Removal

One of the biggest savings you can experience via a handyman is st petersburg mold remediation. You can save hundreds by having a handyman inspect your home for mold and test it.

You Don’t Have the Skills

This is one of the biggest reasons that handy man services are utilized. Most people aren’t sure how to get their wedding ring out of the drain or repair a broken appliance, but a handy man is experienced in every field and can quickly and efficiently solve the problem. Everything seems far less stressful when you know someone else has it under control.

When Home Insurance and Dogs Collide


Home Insurance and DogsFamilies with dogs love and adore their furry friends and treat them like a part of the family, but unfortunately some dog breeds have proven to be more expensive family members than others.

How Dogs and Homeowners Insurance Connect

Dog bites are actually covered under most home insurance policies. But if you have a pet that is particularly violent or fond of biting, your home insurance ontario, canada, provider may be hesitant to take a risk on that coverage. It could result in an increased rate, the need for additional liability insurance, or even a denied policy.

The Prevalence of Dog Bites

In recent years, dog bites have accounted for more than 30 percent of all homeowners liability claim dollars paid out! That equals nearly $600 million total. Despite the fact that the frequency of dog bites is declining, the average cost per bite is increasing due to medical care costs.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

There are ten dog breeds that are frequently “blacklisted” by insurance companies due to their reputation for ferocity. More than 700 U.S. cities have also passed laws regarding specific allowable dog breeds in those areas.

Pit Bulls and Staffordshire terriers top the list. In the last ten years, pit bills have caused more than 200 American deaths. One woman even reported in 2015 that after a major house fire her insurance company refused to pay her claim because they were unaware she owned a pit bull.

Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies are all also included on the blacklist. All of these dogs have been involved in many documented incidents of fatal and very violent mauling or biting attacks.

What Should You Do?
If you count any of the above breeds of dogs as a member of your family, you need to find an insurance company that is willing to provide policy coverage. Many companies work specifically with pet owners to ensure adequate coverage. You can see Ontario insurance quotes to compare prices. It’s also important to train your dog and help prevent bites and attacks using strategic socialization techniques.

Simple Landscaping Ideas for Your Pool Area

If you want to give your pool area a brand new look without spending a ton of money, here are some landscaping tips that will help you—and your pocketbook courtesy of Bay Area Pool Service Port Charlotte location.

Natural Elements
One of the best and most inexpensive ways to landscape around a swimming pool is to use natural products, like large stones, plants, perennials, and shrubs. The most important thing to remember is to begin your landscaping project as far from the water as possible, so you do not constantly have to clean dirt and debris from your pool. Also, during the warmer months, flowers tend to attract certain pests, including bees, wasps, and other flying insects, and you don’t want these stinging nuisances near a busy area where children will be playing. If you have a quarry near your home, you can find a wide variety of stones and rocks that would be perfect for outlining a flower garden and these types of additions are very low maintenance.

landscape of pool

Create The Perfect Mood With Lighting
Nothing adds to an atmosphere quite like the proper lighting, and you can create a wonderful relaxed aura around your pool area by placing tiki torches, lanterns, or even hanging a festive string of Christmas lights during the holidays. Pool lighting is also a great touch to any pool area and makes nighttime swimming enjoyable for everyone. A certified pool specialist can help you add the perfect ambiance to your swimming pool with the correct lighting.

Walk This Way
Walkways leading from your back door to your pool area that are comprised of stepping stones matching the materials used around your swimming pool is a great addition to any landscape. Many people love swimming at night, so consider adding lights to your walkway as not only a safety feature, but also to add a touch of beauty to the area. You can find a multitude of pathway lighting ideas but visiting your local retail stores. (Some dollar stores also carry numerous pool supplies and décor).

Get Comfortable
Do you do a lot of grilling and entertaining around your pool area during the summer months? Depending on where you shop, patio furniture can range in price, from luxurious and expensive to simply stated and affordable. Just remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fabulous sitting area. Quaint and inexpensive wooden and iron benches can be found at most home improvement stores, along with other bargains, such as stools and chairs. Do you have young children? Then shop around your community dollar stores for tables and chairs that are small and suitable for kids, especially if you use your pool area for birthday parties and other events where many kids are gathered. Children also love sitting and playing on items like big, fluffy throw pillows and beanbags, which make a cute addition to your patio décor without breaking the bank in the process, as most of these additions can be purchased at your local dollar stores and thrift stores.

How to Find the Best Retractable Awnings

If you’re in the market for retractable awnings, you might think that you have an easy job. This is due to the fact that you might be thinking that all retractable awnings are pretty much the same. After all, how different can one assembly be from another? Well, let me break this spoiler out for you. The answer is: very.


Make no mistake about it, just like in any kind of product in any kind of market, there are wide divergences and wide differences. In many cases, the selection process is very hard because on the surface, there might not be all that much difference. But unless you know what to look for, it’s the small difference that can determine whether you paid too much money for retractable awnings or actually got a great deal.

Make no mistake about it, when looking for the best retractable awnings, you can’t approach it with the same attitude that you would when going to the closest grocery store and picking out cereal. It doesn’t work that way. You have to pay attention to certain key features that can really make or break a particular retractable awning package or assembly.

Great materials

In a large way, a typical assembly of retractable awnings is really the sum of its parts. Great materials make for great products. Take the company Shade & Privacy for example. Pay attention to the materials that make up the retractable awnings. Look at the assembly. Look at the construction of the awning itself.

Pay attention to these small details. You’d be surprised as to the differences that you would find because these differences will actually have an impact in the long-term performance of the retractable awnings.

Great variety

It’s always a good idea when on the market for retractable awnings to deal with a provider who will give you a great variety. You have to remember that a limited choice is no choice at all. The more choices you have, the higher the likelihood is that you would pick the best retractable awnings for your particular set of circumstances.

You have to remember that you’re the person with the dollars here. You’re the person that is going to be spending money. Get the most value for your hard-earned dollars.

Great designs

Retractable awnings are really all about using the same basic design but with a powerful motor assembly. Always remember this. Don’t just focus your assessment of design on the pattern on the fabric or the type awning. Focus instead on the motor that is ensuring that the retractable awnings work properly.

This is a very important point of distinction that many first-time buyers of retractable awnings don’t understand or fail to understand. Not surprisingly, they end up spending a lot more money later on when they decided that the particular design they are looking for and bought wasn’t all that hot. So by paying attention to the different design options out there, you increase the likelihood of picking out the best retractable awnings that would not only make sense now but also continue to make sense several years down the road.

Retain Your Current Tenants with Proper Cleaning

As a building manager, you probably already know that tenants come and go. In many cases, the bigger tenants, the ones that’re worth a lot of money, often leave very quickly. In many cases, you feel that you really don’t have much control over the tenant turnover processes. The reality is you actually have a lot of power over the process.

One key area where you can ensure that your tenant turnover is not just orderly but also leads to a higher and higher rent is to commit to the highest levels of excellence as far as the appearance of your premises are concerned. This is a simple as committing to the very best commercial cleaning company possible. Make no mistake about, different service providers differ in the overall value they bring to the table. Some flat out suck. Others pay attention to higher levels of service quality and are worth every dollar that you spend on them. Sure, these high-value service providers cost more, but you actually earn more in terms of the tenancy lifetime as well as rent dollar value over the life of the lease.

You have to really look at high-quality St. Petersburg commercial cleaning companies as strategic investment. If you invest with the right company, you not only make your money back, but you actually set in motion a process at which you can extend the time where your building will attract higher rents.

High-quality cleaning projects a more professional appearance

The reason why proper office cleaning like this service can retain your tenants is because when a commercial cleaning company follows the highest quality levels, they are able to clean the premises more effectively. The premises stay clean longer, and this increases the overall professional forbearance of your building. If a doctor or a lawyer or an architect has a more professional office, they can attract more clients, and these tenants would maintain their view of your building as professional enough to stay in. It really all boils down to the impression your tenants have of the value, your building brings to the table.

However, if you hire a low-quality commercial cleaning company that keeps your building dirty and rundown, this perceived value erodes with time. In many cases, it doesn’t happen overnight. In many cases, it starts to grow slowly, and once you become aware of it; it’s a case of too little too late. By then, the only tenants your building would attract are low-rent tenants. You end up in a no-win situation where you’re basically forced to renovate or make some dramatic big move in terms of your building infrastructure so you can start charging higher rents.

Professional premises keep tenants’ customers keep coming back

Making money with commercial leasing properties is actually pretty straightforward. For you to make money, your tenants have to make money. And of course, for them to make money, they have to attract customers. They have to not just build a huge clientele, but their customers have to keep coming back.

The best way to do this is to offer professional services but at the same time in a very professional setting. This is where you come in. When you offer professional premises, you increase the likelihood of your tenants retaining their clients. When they retain their clients, you retain your tenants. It really is that simple.

Researching Your Pool Service Options

cleaning the poolIf you’re looking for pool services to make sure that your pool looks the best that it can possibly look and be as healthy as possible, you should use the power of the Internet. It used to be that if you’re looking for local pool services, you only need to pick up the phone and get in touch with your local friend. After all, your friends probably have pools in their backyard, and they would know a thing or two regarding the proper service provider.

The downside to doing things this way is that you’re limited by the experience of your friends. Maybe your friends are dealing with mediocre pool services. Maybe your friends are dealing with pool services that are cutting corners. These two kinds of service providers aren’t exactly the kind of best pool service providers that you are looking for.

This is why using the Internet is such a game changer. Instead of being at the mercy of local word-of-mouth, you can simply do a local Google search to find the very best service. All you need to do is to type in the word “pool service” in your city, and you are sure to find a local provider. In fact, things have evolved to such a high level that you can put the district in your city and find a super local service provider. While this is all well and good, finding a person that is essentially next door is just the first step. You have to do many other steps to ensure that you are getting the best pool service that you can get.

Cross-reference with local reviews

Once you’ve found a shortlist of purely local pool service providers in Carrollton, the next step is to cross-reference that list with local reviews. There are many local service reviews available on the Internet. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t trust everything you read online. With that said, if you see that a particular local service provider only gets negative reviews, it’s probably a good idea and a great way to save time to totally skip that service provider. Still, you should cross-reference with local reviews because this can save you quite a bit of time.

Cross-reference with your social network

At this stage, your shortlist of purely local pool service and pool-cleaning service companies has gotten much, much shorter. For this stage, you need to get on Facebook and ask your friends if they’ve heard of this particular pool service company. Nine times out of ten, if you have a lot of friends who have backyard pools, they would give you some feedback. Use this to delete more service providers from your shortlist.

Compare work guarantees

This is where the robber meets the road when it comes to finding the best pool services in your area. At this stage, you need to actually pick up the phone, get in touch with these local pool services and ask them if they stand by their work.

If you find services that would guarantee their work, the next step of course is to ask certain types of guarantee. How will they guarantee it? Will they give you your money back? Will they do the work over again? What kind of guarantee will they give you in exchange for getting your business?

This is the best way to use the Internet to find the most qualified pool services in your area. You have to remember that in any kind of service industry, there are lots of service providers that would meet local demand. Almost all those service providers are not worthy of your hard-earned dollars. You really have to use a systematic and methodical way of finding the very best service providers. Otherwise, all that time, effort, and money you spent earning your dollars go up in smoke.

Utilizing Containers For Home Design

There are many things you can do with a container that would allow it to fit inside any home decor design setup if done properly. Large containers like these from Winston Containers, an online retailer of collapsible bulk containers, are great for storing large amounts of items and saving on space within your home. We’ve seen a resurgence of the container style design appear within homes this year, and that trend does not look like it is ending anytime soon.


Recently we sat down and spoke with one such homeowner who told us that the ability of the containers to hold such a large amount of items is perfect not only to compliment home designs, but also for storage. Photos and books are just a few of the items you’ll find being placed into these containers for use in living and dining rooms. Containers are also perfect for storing kitchen pots and pans that are not used frequently, such as the large pans you would cook Holiday meals in that are used only a few times each year.

Whatever your use for a container in your home, the fact is that this new design trend is hot and will continue to become a household staple for many homes across the country.